About Us

Edbuzz.in was started with a simple idea - providing clarity and unequivocal advice to students. The Indian education system offers a significant number of courses, however, unfortunately, the information available on these courses is limited or in some cases non-existent.

So begins the story of Edbuzz.in...

The story about a vision to provide students with valuable information related to their education and career. A vision that in a click, students have access to a large database offering them plethora of choices based solely on their interest and aptitude.

Thus evolved Edbuzz.in...

A revolutionary platform offering the best career and education related advice. We bring to you a team consisting of professional counselors, psychoanalysts, educators and teachers who between them have decades of experience guiding students and helping them achieve their potential.

Begin your Edbuzz.in journey to realize your potential now.

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