Do you know how much is the salary and other facilities of an IAS officer, let’s know

IAS Salary

An examination is conducted for the appointment of senior officers of all government departments of our country and this examination is one of the most honorable and difficult examination of our country.
Whose name is ‘UPSC’. It is one of the leading recruitment agency in India. It appoints all Indians to the services. Organizes examinations.

Best Service Included

UPSC includes all the best services of the country like IAS, IPS, IRS and all other government jobs which are included in these exams. It is the dream of every Indian to clear the UPSC exam and get these best jobs in the country. All the youth of India work very hard to get into this.

Youth’s Dream

Even today most of the youths dream of clearing UPSC. This job is the first choice of every youth for a bright future. Along with a good salary, other facilities are also available in this job. In this, officers are appointed in various ministries and departments of administration. Cabinet Secretary is the highest rank for an IAS officer.

IAS officer salary

The salary of an IAS officer ranges from Rs 56100 to 1 lakh. An IAS officer can reach out to the Cabinet Secretary. At the same time, on reaching the cabinet secretary, the salary increases up to Rs 2.5 lakh. The highest post of an IAS officer is that of the Cabinet Secretary.

Other facilities for IAS officer

IAS officers also get other facilities. They are also provided with a government house along with a car for commuting. Apart from basic salary and grade pay, an IAS officer also gets Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance and Conveyance Allowance. On the basis of pay-band, IAS officers are given many facilities including house, cook and other staff. With these facilities an IAS job is a respectable one.
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