Highest paying Aviation jobs in India

Top 6 Highest paying Aviation jobs in India

Today we will talk about 6 highest paying aviation jobs in India,a people often ask me that aviation industry is so glamorous so what about salary in aviation, so today I will tell you the 6 highest paying aviation jobs in India in flight operation department. So let’s begin.

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Highest paying Aviation jobs

Ground Staff

We will talk about ground staff there are so many departments in ground staff and salaries are also different main work of ground staff is to take care of aircraft, passengers and other activities at the airport on ground average salary of a ground staff is starting from 18,000/- to 50,000/- it varies from airlines to airlines like Indigo might pay more than Go Air or Vistara might pay more than Spice jet, but average salary is 18,000/- to 50,000/-.

Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew looks after safety and service of passengers. Apart from being one of the most exciting job, it is also very glamours. Now we will talk about salary, a fresher cabin crew initially gets minimum 30,000/- to 80,000/- it goes up with the experience in domestic airlines it also includes layovers allowance and overtime. Similarly, ground staff here also salaries differ from airlines to airlines for e.g. Vistara and Spice jet salaries can be different IndiGo and Go Air salaries can be different from each other ATC comes


ATC means Air Traffic Controller. ATC navigates the aircraft in ground and as well as in sky, and they also coordinate with caption and first officer job of ATC is very hectic and roll of ATC is very crucial in flight operation. If we talk about salary starting from 50,000/- it goes up to 80,000/- depending on the experience and position. ATC officer is the employee of Airport Authority Of India (AAI).

Flight Dispatcher

Flight Dispatcher plays a major role in flight planning, deciding route and weight and balance of the aircraft and all the other crucial decisions regarding the flight. That is why they are also called as captain on ground. If we talk about salary, a flight dispatcher gets around 60,000/- to 80,000/- and it varies from Airlines to Airlines.


It can be a little surprising for you that, how is this position is at number 2. AME means Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, AME looks after the technical part of the aircraft, and they also make sure that the aircraft is to fly. This is one of the crucial department In any airlines. Their duty is to make sure that the aircraft is safe and there is no trouble during the flight. Similar to their responsibilities, their salaries are also like that. If we talk about the salary of an AME Starting from 40,000/- up to 120,000/- Depending upon the number of engine licenses they have and I would like to clear one thing that it does not include the salary of aircraft maintenance technician, which is very less. The salary of an aircraft technician starts from 20,000/- to 30,000/-.


Now we will talk about our first spot, which is Pilot. The duty of a pilot is to fly the aircraft and if we talk about the salary, the salaries can be different depending on the positions and airlines. But we will talk about Indigo because Indigo is the biggest player in the market having the large number of aircraft and staff as well including pilots. I will explain the rank and salaries of Indigo airlines. When you join Indigo as a junior first officer (JFO) you get 106,000/- and in hand you get 93,000/- rupees. After junior first officer you get promoted to first officer then you get 226,000/- and in hand you get approx 192,000/- After first officer you become captain of the flight The salary of a captain is around 650,000/- yes this much huge amount a flight captain gets.

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